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Add Value to your Products
With a Promise of Quality!

Pride Packaging LLC is a subsidiary of Sea Pride LLC, Oman's largest private fisheries enterprise. Founded in 2020, our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities are situated in Oman's Sur Industrial Area and have an annual capacity of 35000 tonnes of kraft paper boxes.

All innovative key facilities, including an innovative offset printing system, are integrated into our manufacturing processes. The well-known Omani Pride is spreading around the globe, something we take great delight in.







Whether large or small, global or local
Every client is our PRIDE!

Always with an eye on the future, we constantly strive hard to raise the
game and overcome challenges by strictly adhering
to our corporate policies.


A promise of honesty and transparency and setting a new benchmark for professionalism and ingenuity.


A strict no-compromise policy in ensuring absolute perfection in each and every product of ours.

Customer Service

An enthusiastic and energetic team ever ready to adeptly respond to your queries all the time.


Pride Packaging facilities meet all International safety and hygiene standards.
Cutting-edge - 5ply Corrugator with B, C, and E Flute shapes has a monthly capacity of 3000 tonnes of kraft paper conversion.
● Printing and box conversion systems include Flexographic Printer with Inline Glueing, Flexo Folder Gluer with Rotary Die Cutter, and Ceramic Annilox Roller with Doctor Blade Ink System. Our daily capacity is 180000 boxes.
Jumbo Flexo Printer with Rotary Cutter and Ceramic Annilox Roller with Doctor Blade Ink System has a daily output capacity of 150000 boxes.
Automatic Folder Glueing Machine has the most sophisticated design that prevents fishtails. It has a daily capacity of 150000 boxes.

State of art and most modern
converting facilities in 17,000 m2 area

Our colossal success is attributed to the sincere hard work
of our employees. We value them the most!


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