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Regular Slotted Carton Box

RSC is the most common product in the outer packaging segment. The four flaps in the top and bottom get taped to form the RSC.

Telescopic Box

TBs are outer packaging made of top and bottom boxes. It is one of the most preferred packaging methods in fruits & vegetable, fisheries and footwear industries.

E-Commerce Box

ECBs are Die Cut Boxes specially designed to ensure the product is packed well and the box bottom remains intact.

Die Cut Box

DCBs are innovative corrugated boxes that are custom made to fit materials of any shape/size.

Wrap Around Carton

WACs are usually made for automatic packaging purposes where boxes are wrapped tightly around the product. This is mostly used in mineral water industry.

Half Slotted Carton

HSCs are used in applications where the top of the box has to be open. This is mostly for ventilation or to be used for shelf ready products. The bottom of Half Slotted Cartons is closed with four flaps.

High Graphic Flexo Print Box

HGPBs are used by premium producers to brand the cartons and exhibit images of their high-end value-added product.

Crash Lock Box

CLBs aka Auto Lock Boxes are used in cosmetic and related industries. These boxes are preferred where the application requires a high strength bottom box. The top of the box is a rectangular flap with self-locking system.

Corrugated Board

Corrugated Boards are used for partitioner systems by retailers. They are also used for cushioning. The flat creased sheets are made by the corrugator.